Starting on the final piece! #illustration #watercolours #ink #bird #birds #drawing #wings #feathers #art

love the wings! 

First pattern attempt in ages! Not sure how I feel about this but its a start. #fashion #prints #pattern #development

Ashley these are beautiful. Are they your designs?xx

Yeaah they are mine, my last project at uni!! 

Thank you I’m glad you like them, that means a lot to me :) 

Btw I didn’t know how to reply to your actual reply thing on my post so I followed the instructions from here :

I just couldn’t see the speech bubble thing haa

Cushion Designs © Ashley Frances 2013

Delicate Leaves Wallpaper © Ashley Frances 2013

Flourish Wallpaper © Ashley Frances 2013

 © Ashley Frances 2013

Inflorescence Wallpaper © Ashley Frances 2013

© Ashley Frances 2013

(Source: Flickr / ashbaker)

FlamingoColourful BirdSweet Parrots

Visual Research, a set on Flickr.

Visual Research for ‘Wonderland Project’

Please fill out this Questionnaire on fashion brands! Will really appreciate it!

Check out this Blog - its one of my favourites


Time for tea!

Inspiration for next project!

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